Powerful Cloud Servers - Highly flexible, scalable and reliable!

All Cloud plans include full root/administrator access. Choose from a wide selection of OS, including Windows Server, RedHat, Ubuntu and more! Like our VPS plans, our Cloud Servers provide an affordable alternative to Dedicated Servers, offering the the same level of flexibility and functionality at fraction of the cost. However, unlike traditional VPS, our Cloud servers offer greater reliability and performance. Our Cloud infrastructure offers a high degree of redunancy with distributed cloud storage and HA technologies, allowing for multiple points of hardware failure with little or no downtime.

Premium Cloud Servers

Package RAM Disk Space vCPU IPs Data Transfer Monthly Price
Cloud-1 1,024MB 40GB 1 1 500GB ** HK$280.00 Order Now
Cloud-2 1,536MB 60GB 1 1 750GB ** HK$360.00 Order Now
Cloud-3 2,048MB 80GB 2 1 1,000GB ** HK$440.00 Order Now
Cloud-4 2,560MB 100GB 2 1 1,250GB ** HK$520.00 Order Now
Cloud-5 3,072MB 120GB 4 2 1,500GB ** HK$600.00 Order Now
Cloud-6 3,584MB 140GB 4 2 1,750GB ** HK$680.00 Order Now
Cloud-7 4,096MB 160GB 6 2 1,750GB ** HK$750.00 Order Now
Cloud-8 4,608MB 180GB 6 2 2,000GB ** HK$800.00 Order Now
Cloud-9 5,120MB 200GB 8 2 2,250GB ** HK$850.00 Order Now
Cloud-10 5,632MB 220GB 8 2 2,500GB ** HK$900.00 Order Now

Need more? Contact Us for a custom quote, or check out our selection of powerful Dedicated Servers.

Our Cloud Servers are 100% based in Hong Kong. Direct China Route is available with all Premium Cloud Servers**. Basic server management is included with all Cloud Servers with cPanel or DirectAdmin installed. Servers with no control panel will not be managed.

Optional Addons and Upgrades

Upgrade/Addon Fee
Manual OS Reinstall HK$ 250.00 One-Time
Direct Admin License Free
WHM/CPanel License HK$ 200.00 /mo
Windows Server 2012 License HK$ 75.00 /mo
Additional 1GB RAM HK$ 30.00 /mo
Remote Hands (working hours) HK$ 250.00 /hr + HK$ 250.00
Remote Hands (non-working hours) HK$ 500.00 /hr + HK$ 500.00
Additional IP addresses (each) HK$ 50.00 /mo
/29 Subnet (8 IPs) HK$ 320.00 /mo
/28 Subnet (16 IPs) HK$ 560.00 /mo
/27 Subnet (32 IP) HK$ 960.00 /mo
/26 Subnet (64 IPs) HK$ 1,600.00 /mo
/25 Subnet (128 IPs) HK$ 2,560.00 /mo
/24 Subnet (256 IPs) HK$ 3,840.00 /mo
Additional 250GB Data Transfer - Premium Bandwidth HK$ 50.00 /mo
Additional 250GB Data Transfer - China Dedicated Bandwidth HK$ 1,000.00 /mo
DDOS Protection (>100Gbit) HK$ 400.00 /mo

Why choose us?


Hotspot Locations

Your choice of server locations in Hong Kong, USA, or Europe.


Your Choice of Control Panel

Direct Admin and CPanel available on all plans.


Firewall Protection

Our servers are fully secured, thanks to our Firewall Protection.


Free Migration

Assistance moving your entire website to our servers, completely free!


14 Day Money Back

Industry leading 14 days money back guarantee on shared hosting!


High Availability

Our high availability servers offer a typical uptime of 99.9%.


24 Hour Support

Our support team works 24x7 ensuring you instant assistance, all the time!


Over 13 years experience

Established in 2003, we have over 13 years experience.


Instant Setup

Accounts are setup instantly upon payment, so no more delays!


Enterprise Hardware

Our custom built servers are built with performance and reliability in mind.


Regular Backups

Daily backups are provided for all shared hosting accounts.


Professionally Managed

Our admins ensure servers are kept secure and maintained.

Looking for help? Feel free to contact us right away!